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Spend Valentine’s Day in the Venice of the Alps

Passez la Saint-Valentin dans la Venise des Alpes

Spend Valentine’s Day in the Venice of the Alps

Considered as a romantic city modelled on Venice, Annecy seduces for its bridges and canals. Its similarities with the Italian city will not escape lovers. Booking a stay in a charming hotel in Annecy is an opportunity to discover it. From a romantic point of view, lovers will be delighted with this choice for Valentine’s Day.

Enjoying the blue lake

Lake Annecy is one of the delights of this Savoyard town. On Valentine’s Day, a pedal boat ride is the ultimate romantic activity. A tour of this lake for two allows you to appreciate its beauty together. Surrounded by mountains, this place is perfect for a lovers’ day.

To appreciate the lake from above, La Tournette is ideal. In the heart of the mountain, time will stand still for couples to enjoy the scenery. The beauty of the lake is even more extraordinary from this mountain. It also allows couples to meet in a haven of peace on the occasion of the lovers’ day.

The bridge of love

Just a stone’s throw from its charming hotel in Annecy, the Pont des Amours overlooks the river that runs through the town. Over the Vassé canal, lovers will be delighted to express the full force of their love. With an unobstructed view of the Ile du Cygne, this stopover will be perfect on Valentine’s Day.

The most beautiful photos for two can be taken on this bridge. Being at this mythical place in Annecy is also an opportunity to declare your love. In this Savoyard destination, it is the ideal place to express the depth of your feelings.

Walking in the gardens of Europe

This English garden near the charming Annecy hotel is perfect for a hand-in-hand stroll. With its view of the lake and the mountains, this romantic stroll will be perfect for Valentine’s Day. On a beautiful afternoon, this nature break will be much appreciated. Each path opens up to a natural beauty that will surely seduce lovers.

Visit the old town

With its narrow streets, the old town has an incredible charm. If you want to make sure you have a great day out, this visit will be much appreciated. At every corner, ice-cream parlours and pastry shops are opportunities to make gourmet stops. This day will allow you to multiply your pleasures before returning to your charming Annecy hotel room.

Intense activities for two

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, thrilling activities are ideal. A parachute jump over an exceptional landscape will take on its full meaning. These shared emotions will be ideal for strengthening feelings. Such an activity will not leave any couple indifferent.

Hiring a helicopter or a small tourist plane are also part of the unusual ideas for this extraordinary day. Booked from your Annecy boutique hotel, this intense activity should satisfy all types of lovers.