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Fall under the spell of the Venice of the Alps

Tombez sous le charme de la Venise des Alpes

Fall under the spell of the Venice of the Alps

Just a stone’s throw from the famous lake and the old town, booking a boutique hotel in Annecy is synonymous with immersion in a charming setting. Nicknamed “Venice of the Alps”, this Savoyard destination has many assets. The pleasures of this city will delight all holidaymakers.

The old town and its canals

If Annecy is reminiscent of the charming Italian city of Venice, its canals are certainly the reason. The resemblance is indeed striking with dozens of bridges crossing the city on both sides. Such a romantic setting also appeals to holidaymakers who want to experience a picturesque stay.

With restaurants in old buildings, renowned ice-cream parlours and chocolatiers, all the pleasures are concentrated around the Annecy boutique hotel. A stay in this city is therefore synonymous with happiness. The daily routine will be quickly forgotten to enjoy all the attractions of this city.

Breathtaking natural areas

Lake Annecy needs no introduction, as it perfectly symbolises this Alpine town. Surrounded by mountains, there are many pleasures to be had. Whether it’s a water sport or a hike around the lake, there are exciting activities for everyone. A simple reservation in an Annecy boutique hotel allows you to appreciate all the attractions of this renowned lake.

The Gardens of Europe and the Pâquier Park are among the places that are popular with residents. Visitors can go there to discover the pleasure of nature. Close to the lake and its boutique hotel in Annecy, these green spaces are among the favourite walks of Annecy residents. The Pâquier and its boats that pass under the Amours bridge explain why the experience is so appreciated. It looks just like the gondolas in Venice. This alpine version should seduce all travellers.

The charm of the old town

Apart from the canals, the pedestrian streets of this city contribute to the charm of this destination. From a boutique hotel in Annecy, rue Sainte Claire or rue Carnot will be a pleasure to walk along. Rue Royale and its shops are a must during your stay in Savoie. This surprising street is the link between the old town and the more modern districts. Passing by the Notre-Dame church, visitors can visit this beautiful religious building.

The old prisons date from 1900 and are a particularity of this city. This prison has become a museum to be visited when in Annecy. This building has had multiple uses over the years and has become a symbol.

The castle completes the old town as it stands above it. Located on the side of the Semnoz mountain, this castle is a must-see. The Queen’s tower dates from the 12th century, while the Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul towers date from the 13th and 16th centuries respectively. Together, they make up a unique building in the world.

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