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Travel through the corridors of time in the old town of Annecy

Voyagez dans les couloirs du temps dans la vieille ville d’Annecy

Travel through the corridors of time in the old town of Annecy

With its medieval heart, Annecy attracts visitors with a passion for history. A hotel reservation in Annecy old town is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in this era. Its past is rich with Gallic and Roman occupations as well as the presence of the bishops. There are therefore many legacies in this city nicknamed the Venice of the Alps. From the Middle Ages to today, the pleasures offered by this city are numerous.

A birth in the 12th century

The old town was born during the Middle Ages. Despite its development in the following centuries, Annecy has preserved evidence of the past. Indeed, its fortified castle Annecy le Neuf is a perfect example of this period. Thanks to a room in an Annecy old town hotel, a visit to this imposing building can be scheduled during your stay. Visitors will be able to retrace the history of this place and its occupants over the generations.

The castle of Menthon-Saint-Bernard is one of the most important medieval fortresses and is well worth a visit. Situated on a 200-metre rocky promontory, this construction is characteristic of medieval concerns. This location was intended to discourage invaders. Only the most adventurous will dare to go there for a complete visit of the place.

But a hotel in Annecy old town allows you to understand the evolution of the city. Visitors are reminded of the Middle Ages in every street. The gates located at the four corners of the city were intended to control the entrances to these walls. The fortifications also offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding area and in particular of the splendid lake which attracts many tourists.

Annecy’s must-see sites

Today, the remains of past centuries have become tourist attractions. From its hotel Annecy old town, the castle of Annecy represents the most visited monument for tourists. The old prison also arouses the curiosity of holidaymakers who appreciate being able to visit it to discover all its aspects.

The canals and bridges of Annecy correspond to the development of the city after the Middle Ages. Around the castle, the inhabitants had to deal with the Isère river. The canals therefore appeared to be the ideal solution. A hotel reservation in Annecy old town allows you to discover a unique city. The Pont des Amours and other bridges link the two sides of the city. Since the Renaissance, Annecy has been considered the Venice of the Alps, a mountain version of this romantic city.

Lake Annecy is one of the jewels of this Savoyard town. A stay in this destination rhymes with a stroll around the lake. During the summer months, swimming and water sports are also on the agenda. Pedal boats, sailing, diving and canoeing are among the modern pleasures. This lake provides a link between the different historical periods. From your Annecy old town hotel, the lake is nearby. The lake is accessible to all during your stay.

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